2022 Holiday Lessons

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Because Pathways Music School is closed over the summer break, we are using an automated booking system for holiday lessons. This year, lessons are available on Piano with Nat and Guitar with Josh. Please select your teacher and follow the link to book your class. 


Nat Brice
Booking Link : https://www.trybooking.com/BWSDT

Nat Brice began his piano journey as a five-year-old, finding a sense of joy and fulfilment in it that continued through his early years and the rest of his life. Throughout Nat’s musical journey he has dedicated himself to a broad range of musical styles, broadening his understanding of various genres and styles. Initially developing his skills as a classical performer as a violinist (Grade 8 AMEB), piano and percussionist before finding a passion for jazz, Nat’s musical education consisted of studying both Classical Performance and Jazz Performance at the Elder Conservatorium of Music. Post-study Nat has worked as a touring musician playing in some iconic venues such as the Sydney Opera House, recorded in Abbey Road Studios and performed to crowds of 40,000 all around the globe. He has also had a celebrated career as a musician for corporate events and through that has supported internationally acclaimed artists. With over 20 years of experience teaching, Nat has a wealth of knowledge to pass on whether it is genre-specific, production centred or about taking your performance ability to the next level.

Josh Kroehn
Booking Link : https://www.trybooking.com/BWSBN

Josh’s passion for music developed from a young age. Discovering his parent’s collection of LPs and CDs led to a broad and at times eclectic taste in music. His appetite for new music fuelled his curiosity to discover new and different genres and the plethora of instruments that created these sounds - this exploration drew him to the guitar at the age of 9. His guitar playing style as a youngster was driven by the energy and raw emotion of heavier music of his idols, guitar icons James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. Life experiences conspired to reveal a deep-seated emotional connection to music which opened his world further to genres of all types. This diversity of his early influences in addition to those he has found later in life led josh down the path of becoming a singer/songwriter and have shaped the type of music that he composes. He has performed in various venues around Adelaide, South Australia, delivering a live show where the audience is absorbed into his musical compositions and can expect the unexpected. Josh’s original tone and unconventional guitar techniques take centre stage. Josh has a true passion for creating music and sharing his creative processes with others. His vast array of knowledge about guitar and songwriting is invaluable and is sure to improve any students understanding of music.

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