Studio Re-Opening and Online Lessons

Due to the Prime Minister's announcement on Friday 8th May 2020, we have decided to take the step of reopening the studio for face to face lessons. 

The details of this are outlined below : 

  • Term 2 for enrolled students will end (after 12 weeks) in line with schools on Sunday, 5th July 2020.

  • We are activating Protocol THREE as indicated by this document

  • Face to face lessons will be our primary lesson delivery method however for those students at Flagstaff Hill Primary School and students that cannot or do not wish to come in for a face to face lesson, Zoom will continue to be available.

  • Our Virtual Classrooms on Edmodo and Zoom are both going to be with us indefinitely which will drastically improve the quality of your education. 

Letter sent to Parents (9/5/2020)

Dear Students, Parents and Friends,

Re : Studio Opening – Monday 11th May 2020

As of next week, our studio will be re-opening for face to face lessons.

In line with Government advice, the opening of schools and the gradual relaxing of restrictions, we have taken the decision to open our doors again for face to face lessons. We have been trialling this for the last week and I am delighted to say that it has been a success.

There are several things we’re putting in place to ensure the safety of all students. We hope that in time, we can further relax these restrictions too – but we must move slowly to ensure that the good work South Australia has done continues to be enjoyed.

1.     The reception space is closed to all non-students. This sadly applies to parents and caregivers too. Teachers will collect students at their lesson time from reception. We will arrange some outdoor seating shortly and a heater so that our wonderful families can enjoy a relax while lessons are happening.

2.     Tea/Coffee/Water facilities are temporarily suspended for parents. Our Adult students can still ask their teacher to make them a beverage as our kitchen area still has these facilities.

3.     All instruments (especially pianos) will be cleaned with a 70% Ethanol solution after every class.

4.     Students will be asked to hand-sanitize before every class. If you have any allergies, let us know and alternative hand washing facilities can be provided.

5.     Studio internal doors are to remain open where practicable. Teachers will open and close them (rather than students) if necessary for privacy (for example in a vocal lesson).

6.     Choir and Band are to remain postponed for a little longer although we hope to welcome these activities back shortly with some changes.

7.     Duo lessons to go ahead, but not trio lessons. 

Additionally, because we all now know how to use zoom, please don’t feel as though we’re mandating face to face lessons. If you would like to continue using zoom you are absolutely able to.


Zoom has been fantastic with over 98% of lessons running completely smoothly. Of the 2% that didn’t, the reason was a patchy internet connection. In those instances, we have been able to deliver lessons on the phone or have made these up in person. The security and stability of Zoom has been wonderful and the success is a testament to the hard work your teachers have been doing to make it a seamless easy transition to online learning.  

The uptake on the Edmodo platform has also been fantastic and even though there have been some early minor teething issues, it’s a great way of continuing music education and conversing with your teacher in the week outside of lesson time. In particular, sharing files and music is so much easier on Edmodo and we’re going to continue to use this platform even when face to face lessons are happening every week. 

If you would like to ‘zoom’ your lesson, please send a message to your teacher on Edmodo (preferably) and let them know – or else send them an email to  We will assume however that everyone will come back to the studio unless you send an email to your teacher. You don’t need to let the main business number know though – it is between you and your teacher.

The end of Term 1 was fraught with unknowns for everyone. We would like to thank all our families for supporting us and for trusting that we could continue to operate and give you or your children the music education you deserve. As you know, closing the school a little earlier than the Term 1 holidays was a difficult decision – but it has meant that we were much better prepared in our online learning space. While the future finally has a light at the end of the tunnel, we may have the situation where in the future we are required to move to online lessons again. Thankfully we now have the tools, equipment and resources to make sure we can do this overnight if the necessity arises. We don’t anticipate that we will ever have to cut a term short again/make another longer as we had to in Term 1 so Term 2 and 3 will be a return to ‘normal’ dates.

We’re planning a fantastic ‘online festival of music’ in Term 3 – the replacement for our ‘mid year’ concert if you will. Keep working on those pieces and we’ll be in touch with more details soon.

Thank you all again from the bottom of our heart for supporting your teachers during this time and we really are thrilled to hear music filling our teaching rooms again.

Kind regards,



Carlie and Dan Sherwood

An update from the Pathways Team regarding COVID 19 on 29th March 2020

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