COVID-19 Plan and Strategy

The pathways ​studio will re-open on Wednesday 28th July following a week long postponement of term. 

Lessons that were missed will run into the holidays so you will not miss out on lessons. 
Zoom will continue to be available until at least the end of this term.

Please review the email sent to all parents below, 27th July 2021. 

Copy of Email Dated 27th July

Copy of Email Dated 25th July

Copy of Email Dated 19th July

This guide is designed to give students and parents the information necessary to ensure continuity of education during the 2019-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The following update was issued on Sunday 27th July 2021 : 

"We are excited to announce that our studio will re-open tomorrow, 9am. If you have lessons scheduled for tomorrow onwards, you are welcome to come into the studio for these lessons physically. Our teachers will all be wearing masks as per the recent health advice – and we encourage those that want to, to wear them too."

Please review the previous email sent to all students above at the top of this page for answers to your questions and queries. 

Let the music play on :)


Zoom is an application downloaded from the internet, a little like FaceTime or Skype; but more tailored to an education setting. It is suitable for Mac, PC, iPhone or Android Phones. 

You can download the zoom app available here. Then, download the "Zoom Client for Meetings" application. Alternatively search for Zoom on the App Store on your Apple or Android device.

Zoom lessons will take the place of your regular one-to-one lesson, at the same time you would normally come into the studio.  

We have produced a simple instruction set available here

All students should have already received their meeting ID's however we have prepared a list of these ID's here - simply enter the meeting ID of your teacher at your lesson time and enter the meeting passcode.

Make sure your Camera and Microphone are turned on. 

Final Thoughts

For those that can't come into the studio or are exhibiting signs of being unwell, we will continue to offer zoom on an ongoing basis. 

If you can't use Zoom, we have access to both FaceTime and Skype. Failing that, old fashioned phone conversations are a great way of keeping in touch. In fact, entire lessons can be delivered over the telephone if necessary.

"We have been doing this for some time now - our teachers are experts in delivering phenomenal music education remotely - and we've found that the connection our students have with their music is now even more important - especially as other activities are either cancelled, postponed or whittled down."

Carlie and I would like to wish our entire community the very best of health. Please lean on us if you need anything - and contact us if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to call us on 0488 26 19 26

What will never change is our commitment to being the best music school in South Australia. We will continue to strive even harder during these times to make sure you're getting even better value for money - and in this way, we hope to bring the spirit of music to everyone.

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