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COVID-19 Plan and Strategy

Pathways Music School has now implemented Protocol 3 at our studio, which means that our Reception space is currently closed for Parents/Caregivers and Friends. 

The studio is open for students. If you have a lesson, please go in as normal and your teacher will collect you. 

We are also continuing to implement all cleaning and social distancing practices outlined in our previous documents, emailed last week and attached here

The next step in our protocol will be the cessation of lessons at the studio, and a move to online based learning. We are hoping that this does not become necessary, but are planning for it anyway. Clearly this will be short term and we hope to welcome everyone back if it does become necessary very soon. Our teachers have been preparing for this transition and are ready for it.

Should the need for online lessons arise, we have two platforms at our disposal : Zoom and Edmodo. These are separate and different platforms and not an either or


Zoom is an application downloaded from the internet, a little like FaceTime or Skype; but more tailored to an education setting. It is suitable for Mac, PC, iPhone or Android Phones. 

You can download the zoom app available here. Then, download the "Zoom Client for Meetings" application. Alternatively search for Zoom on the App Store. 

Zoom lessons will take the place of your regular one-to-one lesson, at the same time you would normally come into the studio.  

We have produced a simple instruction set available here

You will need to check your email address for your Student ID (Meeting ID) that will be given to you before the first lesson and will remain the same for all subsequent meetings. 

Make sure your Camera and Microphone are turned on. 


At the beginning of Week 1, Term 2 we will be launching a series of 'online classrooms'. We felt that everyone needed a portal to talk with their teacher, upload videos of themselves performing, take online quizzes, and somewhere our teachers can upload content and tutorials to, tailored specifically for a certain level of student. 

You will receive an Edmodo Classroom code at the beginning of Term 2, regardless of whether or not lessons are still happening at the studio. You then simply go to, sign up as a student and click 'classes' and then 'join class'. This is a completely private experience : the only other people in your classroom will be those who are at the same grading level or performance level as you. 

Final Thoughts

We really do encourage participation in both Zoom and Edmodo. Zoom lessons are great, but Edmodo gets the community spirit involved which is what we'll need to get through these tough times. 

If you can't use Zoom, we have access to both FaceTime and Skype. Failing that, old fashioned phone conversations are a great way of keeping in touch.


Some more advanced students will be encouraged to send (via Edmodo) videos of their pieces each week so teachers can hear a higher quality version of the music as well as the audio in the Zoom chat. 

These are unprecedented times and clearly, this is a significant change in the way we deliver your learning. Carlie and I would like to wish our entire community the very best of health. Please lean on us if you need anything - and contact us if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to call us on 0488 26 19 26

What will never change is our commitment to being the best music school in South Australia. We will continue to strive even harder during these times to make sure you're getting even better value for money - and in this way, we hope to bring the spirit of music to everyone.

Links and Downloads

1. Zoom Instructions

2. Our Studio Protocols

3. Pathways Music School FAQ's for Covid-19

4. Letter to all students and parents dated 23/3/2019

5. Link to Download Zoom

6. Link to Log in to Edmodo (Classroom codes to be sent Monday of Week 1, Term 2)