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Key Points

Public Holidays

Make-up Lessons

Cancelling Enrolment

Ongoing Enrolment

Lessons run during the school term, but not during public holidays with the exception of Adelaide Cup Day.

Make-up lessons are not available for any missed lessons that are not the fault of a teacher. 

In the event your teacher offers a makeup, it is at their discretion. 

We need to know by week 5 if you won't be continuing next term so that we can plan for staff requirements. Late cancellation will attract a late withdrawal fee of $180

Please make sure you contact the admin team and NOT your teacher.

Students are automatically re-enrolled each term, unless notice is provided by week 5 of the current term. 

1. Lesson Structure

Our lesson structure follows the South Australian school calendar. This means there are 40 lessons in a calendar year. The year is split up into four terms : usually 11, 10, 10 and 9. If you don't know about school terms, your teacher can guide you and let you know when we take our breaks.

When invoicing, we invoice 4 x 10 weeks - so it's always the same rate each term - with the shorter Term 4 and longer Term 1 cancelling each other out. In the event you join us for the first time in Term 1 however, you will be billed for the extra teaching week.

2. How do I pay for lessons? 

By Invoice : Students and parents can pay for lessons termly, in advance. You will be sent an invoice upon beginning lessons for the remainder of that current term and then all invoices from that point are sent in week 9, with the due date the first day of the next term. 

By Direct Debit : Students and parents can opt to pay the invoice in six equal fortnightly installments. There are no transaction fees or interest charged. 

3. What happens if I miss a lesson? 

In the case of a missed lesson, we don't offer any credits or refunds against future or previous invoices.

In the event of a last minute cancellation by a student, that lesson is lost.

In the event you know in advance, please contact us on 0488 26 19 26 so that we can put you on our 'cancellations list'. This list is for when another student pulls out of a lesson due to illness or absence, and we can offer that time slot to someone else.

In the event of a known-in-advance absence, we ask that you discuss directly with your teacher at your next lesson whether they are able to make this/these lessons up. Sometimes this is possible, but it is not a guarantee and Pathways does not promise to make up any missed



4. I'm sick! Can I come anyway?

As with all medical advice, if you are suffering from any cold and/or flu symptoms, please do not come to your lesson. We can arrange a zoom lesson for you, so that you can catch up with your teacher from the comfort of your own home. Please visit for more information. You will need to book this at least 24 hours in advance.

5. Can I contact my teacher directly?

Yes! Their email address is their first name, followed by '' and when you meet them for a lesson, simply confirm this information with them. We don't give out teacher contact numbers since we need to be kept in the loop with all communications, to ensure consistency and quality - and they need to be able to focus on quality teaching.

6. What happens if my teacher is away or unwell?

They will reach out to be able to make up the lesson at some other time. Usually, this is in the school holidays. While teachers have to work around your schedule in this instance, please try to be as flexible as possible.

7. I'm going away on holiday. Can I hold my spot?

If you want to reserve your timeslot with us, we do have the option of paying a 50% reservation fee for the lessons that you won't be able to attend due to protracted absence. This is only available for holidays of three weeks or more.

8. Do you teach on public holidays?

We do not teach on public holidays. These lessons are not billed for; nor are they made up. If your lesson is on a Monday or a Friday, this applies to you. We are closed for the Christmas and New Year period, since schools are also closed. We do teacher Easter Saturday and 

9. [Primary School Lessons] Do you charge for pupil free days? What about excursions?

We check with the school in advance about pupil free days. We can't always know about excursions in advance but we can usually make these lessons up by making up the time. We do this by either adding an additional day of teaching at some point through the term, or extending lesson lengths slightly to make up for the untaught lesson.

10. Can I change teachers?

One of the benefits of having multiple teachers is that they all offer something different : whether that's a change of instrument or differing styles and techniques - each is an expert in her/his field.

If you would like to change teachers then please contact us and we can arrange for this to happen. Most importantly, all teachers benefit from this arrangement - so don't feel guilty - let us do the work for you.

11. How do I cancel my lessons?

You or your child is contracted to have lessons for the full term. All enrolments are ongoing until cancelled. If you wish to cancel your lessons, you need to notify us by week 5 of the current term you are enrolled in, so that the cancellation is effective at the beginning of the next term. Our calendar is very busy and as such we invest a lot of administration time post week 5 to make sure that change of time requests and new lessons are arranged in time for the start of the next term. Failure to give proper notice will result in cancellation fees, as detailed in our enrolment forms, but typically amounting to $180.

Giving verbal notice to your teacher does not constitute giving proper notice - all notice must be written and sent to or text on 0488 26 19 26. We will acknowledge all requests. Please send a second communication in the event you do not receive a response.

12. Do you do concerts and performance opportunities?

We offer multiple concerts throughout the year - hosted in beautiful venues across the state. 

Signup sheets will be issued periodically in the Pathways Reception/Foyer and emails will be sent to notify parents when there is an opportunity approaching. VIVA! Performing Arts offers professional theatrical shows separately and is by audition only.

13. Photo Release Permission

Please note that Pathways Music School and VIVA! Performing Arts will, from time to time, take photographs and/or video recordings of events and for promotional purposes. Please advise our team if you would NOT like this to occur. Send this request to

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