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for you or your child's education?

We believe in quality. It's at the forefront of everything we do. 

We believe in friendship, inclusivity and giving all our students a platform to perform if they want to - and crucially to have fun while they're doing it. ​

And finally, we believe that music is for everyone. We firmly believe that given the right tools, methods and approach, everyone can learn an instrument or to sing. 

We're a family run business. We're not a franchise, or a large company - but a group of tight-knit specialists who feel blessed to be able to wake up each morning and do what we love. 

Every single one of our teachers is an absolute professional in their field - but more importantly, they're passionate about the art of teaching. We all remember one or two teachers that 'got us' at school: Those people that really went the extra mile to help us out... maybe they found a way to get through to us, helped us a little more than they needed to; or just made learning exciting...that's the essence of what we strive to achieve at Pathways. 

Take a look at our 2022 Prospectus - available in hard copy in our Reception at any time. 

Download a printable PDF here

Pathways Videos

Pathways Videos

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