Private Lessons

One to One lessons in Guitar, Piano, Flute, Vocals, Composition & Theory

If Pathways has a specialty, our Private lessons are it. 

Private lessons afford the ability to completely tailor your needs to a strategy. We will work with you to achieve your musical goals, dreams and aims. 

We usually start by asking what you'd like to get out of lessons, and then craft a plan to meet short, medium and long term goals. 

Most importantly, we don't force one particular leaning style on a student: For example, when starting out with the piano, a lot of our adult students prefer not to play tedious, simple one handed tunes; but prefer to launch into something a little more rewarding; maybe taking a little longer but ultimately getting the satisfaction of something that sounds amazing in just a few weeks. 

Children on the other hand, usually need a more structured, linear approach to progress - so that they know what they'll be doing over the weeks of a term, and so that parents can clearly track their progress. Teens usually need something in between - but again, the beauty of individual lessons is that we can do what you want - with our guidance of course.

We communicate with parents each week; whether that's face to face, or in emailed lesson notes which are sent weekly for those parents we don't get to see each week (if lessons are happening at school for example) and we're written hundreds of pages of our own resources and have written two books for Junior Keys and Little Keys students which we also use with our private students, interspersed with other pieces that students can choose themselves.

The best thing about private lessons, is they don't just have to be private. We run masterclasses, jam sessions, band practices and choir to get students involved and to have access to more opportunities...


...As with most things, variety is the spice of life - and music education is no different.


We know we're doing our job if our student's eyes are sparkling. Take a look at some of the sparkly eyes from our recent masterclasses and concerts.

(Photos from the Pathways Studio and 2017 EOY Concert)