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These testimonials are grouped from our Facebook and Google reviews:

"When I first started piano lessons with Dan I was barely at Grade 3 level and within a year he had me preparing for Grade 6 exams.
He is amazing musically and professionally and also on a personal level.
He is so patient and encouraging and I can never wait for my lesson. They are so much fun.
If you wanna go leaps and bounds with your music, Pathways Music is the place to go!!!"

- Deb Cowell (Google Review)

Pathways Music Exam Masterclass

"My daughter has learned so much from Dan over the last 2 and a half years , she has a wonderful understanding and appreciation for the classics and looks forward to her lessons every week . I can not recommend Pathways highly enough if you have someone in your family wanting to learn piano."

-Debra Black (Google Review)

Dan has created such a supportive and encouraging environment at pathways. No matter what age or skill level, he teaches in a way that allows you to achieve goals and gain confidence as a pianist with out any pressure or stress. The atmosphere he creates encourages you to play at your best purely because he gives you the confidence and skills to know you can. In the 18 months that I have been taking lessons with Dan I have learnt more musically than in my previous 7 years of lessons and I have gained more confidence not only in my piano playing but in myself.

-Bianca De Young (Google Review)

Grace started her first music class in Pathways when she was 5 years old. So far it's been such a wonderful journey which more and more proves our initial decision was right. What most impressed us is both Nadia and Dan are quite open to the parent so we feel involved in the whole learning process. The communication is timely, constructive, and friendly so that Grace is growing in music constantly with the huge encouragement and positive feedback. One thing I think every student from Pathways would definitely take with them for the life time is the passion for music. Bravo!

- Jennifer Shie (Facebook Review)

Photos (Top Down) : 2017 Exam Masterclass : (Dan Sherwood, Holly Frith, Samantha Black, Lele Zhang, Charlotte McAlister & Tom McAlister) Pathways 2016 Christmas Concert : Charlotte McAlister.

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