Fees & FAQ


"We believe that music education should be both affordable and of the highest quality. We do this by charging a fair termly fee for what we believe to be an extremely valuable service. We invest in the best teachers and excellent resources - after all, the value of lessons can only be based on your progression - and you can't do that unless you have excellent teaching."

- Dan Sherwood (Pathways Owner)

1. Frequently Asked Questions


Please find our Frequently Asked Questions below - these are designed to answer all queries regarding your lessons and fees. If you have additional questions, please contact us at dan@pathwaysmusic.com.au

FAQ - Studio Lessons (PDF Download)

FAQ - Lessons at Primary School Campuses (PDF Download)

2. Our Fees

"We want to give our customers choice in how they pay which is why we offer either termly invoices or Fortnightly payment options. "

You can ​chose to pay lesson fees termly by invoice or automatic fortnightly payments. There are no difference in the price per lesson. 

All classes are billed termly, in advance. There are usually ten weeks in a term, although this is governed by the SA Government. Each weekly class is 30 Minutes long (for a pair) or 40 Minutes long (for a trio). There are enrolment terms and conditions governing cancellation periods. 


Typical Fortnightly Instalments: $65 per fortnight

Which Breaks down into : $35.45 (plus GST) per 30 minute class   OR   $70.90 (plus GST) per 60 minute class


Typical Fortnightly Instalments : $45.83 per fortnight

Which Breaks down into : $25 (plus GST) per 30 Minutes paired lesson    OR    $25 (plus GST)  per 40 Minutes trio lesson


Typical Fortnightly Instalments : $60.50 per fortnight (30 Minute classes)

Typical Fortnightly Instalments : $44.00 per fortnight (20 Minute classes)

Which breaks down into : $33 (plus GST) for a 30 Minute private lesson    OR   $24 (plus GST) for a 30 minute pair/trio or 20 minute private lesson


OR : $55 (ex GST) for the Term for existing learning an instrument with us, or $110 (ex GST) per term for students not learning an instrument.

Please note that regardless of whether you choose to become a subscriber or opt for termly billing, there is a notice period which is listed in our Terms and Conditions that you will sign on enrolment.