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Private Duo/Trio Lessons

We believe that group lessons can be a great way to learn... but they  need to be small groups with lots of individual attention. We offer duo or trio groups for the following : 

Little Keys (ages 3-7)     

Click the link above for more information about our Little Keys Course. 

Junior Keys (ages 7-12)     

Click the link above for more information about our Junior Keys Course. 

Teens and Adult Learners :

Duo lessons are 30 minutes long or Trio lessons are 40 minutes long.

A specific tailored syllabus will be built for you from the ground up and in this way, a duo or trio lesson is the same as if you were learning by yourself.

Sometimes, students bring along their own friend, husband or partner. If not, we'll set up your duo or trio with you and discuss the sort of learning match that might work and try it out! It's a really flexible way of learning - and it brings a fun community element too.

Sometimes, multiple groups get together for jam sessions, joint lessons, ensemble performances etc. 


Nadia with two of her duo groups in our studio (top) and our 2017 End of Year Concert (bottom)

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